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What is The ROAR?

Le Lycée Français de LA's one and only student newspaper.

The ROAR Newspaper is a formally organized student organization of the LFLA's high school campus. We were founded in 2013, and have since been dedicated to bringing the academics of our campus the opportunities of reading and writing for the most pertinent news of the student body.

We expanded to digital format through this website starting in September of 2023, and strive to publish an issue of our physical paper every month to stay in touch with our roots and show our dedication to keeping print a part of the journalism experience.




Balint Botyanszki '24


Ms. April Carver

Section Head of Current Events

Amanda Newman '24

Section Head of Sports

Mila Horowitz '24

Section Head of Advertisement / Social Media Manager

Tifaine Tordjmann '24

Our Student Journalists

Anna Rosciszewski '25

Lucia Laski '25

Soraya Ladjili '26

Amy Enayati '24

Bella Belizaire '27

Gwyneth Atkinson '26

Leila Lucas '27

Jasmine Wells '24

and more to come...

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