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Who is Dean Philips?

As the world familiarizes itself with Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, and Chris Christie — the Republican candidates running for the 2024 presidency — one may question where the Democrats stand in this race, who have yet to hold a presidential debate.

Up until late October 2023, President Joe Biden has been the Democratic frontrunner and sole candidate of his party. This changed recently when Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips jumped into the race. Although Phillips’ announcement of his candidacy came as a surprise, he nevertheless remains unknown, with many Americans asking themselves, “Who is Dean Phillips?”

Rep. Dean Phillips attends a news conference on Iran negotiations on Capitol Hill, April 06, 2022 in Washington, DC. - abc7NY

Credit: Kevin Dietcsch for Getty Images

One crucial element to know about Phillips is his reasoning behind entering the race. While President Biden has a 69% lead in the polls over the Minnesota Rep., Phillips is running to prevent former President Trump from becoming the next president. While he wholeheartedly has supported President Biden, voting for nearly 100% of his past policies, Phillips believes that the President would lose a general election rematch against former President Trump due to the incumbent’s age and low approval ratings, according to White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates. Phillips told CBS News, “I think President Biden has done a spectacular job for our country. But it’s not about the past. This is an election about the future.”

Although Phillips has low ratings compared to Biden, he comes from a background of success and accomplishment. A graduate of Brown University and the University of Minnesota, he was born into a wealthy family with a successful business, Phillips Distilling Company, of which he became the president and CEO in 2000. Until 2014, he ran the Talenti Gelato Company, a corporate investment he sold to Unilever. Since 2016, he has been the founder and owner of Penny’s Coffee, a restaurant chain in Minnesota. Today, Phillips is one of the wealthiest members of Congress, with a net worth of $77 million. 

In Congress, Phillips dedicated himself to rebuilding Americans’ trust in the government, tirelessly working towards bridging the deep divides between Republicans and Democrats in Washington. On November 24th, he made a surprising announcement, declaring that he would not seek Congressional reelection, telling CBS News that “it is time to pass the torch.” This statement resonates with his vision for change, reminiscent of his call for Biden to step down. Phillips’ commitment to his candidacy by going all into the race underscores his profound dedication to the Democratic cause and his brave efforts to restore faith in our political system.

Phillips stated, “I will not sit still and not be quiet in the face of numbers that are so clearly saying that we’re going to be facing an emergency next November” (CBS News).

Dean Phillips’ Announcement About Reelection:

Dean Phillips’ Interview with Bill Maher (Real Time with Bill Maher)

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