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What Can We Expect From The ROAR This Semester?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Welcome everyone to the new semester! My name is Balint Botyanszki, and I will be the editor of the ROAR this school year. This may be my last year of high school, but I'm excited to make every day really count, and get our club started as soon as possible!

In short, we are expecting lots of changes to take place in the ROAR this semester, meaning we will be trying lots of new things to provide a smoother and easier ROAR experience for both our staff and to our readers. Up until now, as the students and staff of Le Lycée LA may have noticed, The ROAR has operated on a rather shaky schedule. This pattern that's developed over the years is the fault mostly of how our school newspaper has been formatted for some time, asking students to write one or two articles every few months to be put into a larger issue of the official newspaper. While in theory this may seem to be the path of least resistance, it really only saves time for the staff and encourages an environment of procrastination rather than an environment in which students can work when suits them and their news best without the concrete deadlines looming over them. The path of most efficiency, conversely, is one in which we abolish our deadlines altogether.

No deadlines? So how would any articles or issues be published?

Instead of operating on a loosely bi-monthly schedule, the ROAR will instead be debuting its brand-new website, the one you likely visited to read this post. Although not much is posted here at the moment, as the semester goes on and the club gets properly up and running we can expect plenty of articles to make their way onto our homepage. The bi-monthly schedule the ROAR previously operated on bore its greatest fault in the fact that for news to be truly relevant, it indeed does have to be pertaining to something recent-- hence the word "news." Having deadlines marked so far apart from one another and having no other means of publishing meant that if a student were to NOT procrastinate, and do their work as soon as the new deadline was announced, by the time the next big issue of the ROAR was published, their work would become outdated and irrelevant, especially in the Current Events and Lion Life sections. The deadline-free, constantly updating ROAR website now solves this dilemma by allowing students to publish their work at any time they please, maintaining the relevancy that real news calls for without costing a fortune on a more frequent printed version.

Does this mean the ROAR will no longer be printed?

It absolutely does NOT. Our big journals will continue to be published just as they have always been. However, instead of revealing all new-- but really old-- articles from the past few months, the new ROAR journal will be recapping the past month of work that had already been published on the website, plus a few extra games and featurettes, as well as an Editor's note for what is to come in the following month. We aim to get as many of these special editor's edition articles physically printed as possible, so the true newspaper medium of the ROAR will not escape us as a result of the introduction of the website.

Who is running the ROAR this year?

Besides the editor, there are a few more important team members that will be helping run the club this year:

Our Head of Current Events: Amanda Newman

Our Head of Sports: Mila Horowitz

Our Head of Pop Culture: Balint Botyanszki

Our Social Media Manager: Tifaine Tordjmann

Thank you for your support, and I'll see you all soon!


Balint Botyanszki

If any more questions arise about the state of the ROAR for this upcoming semester, please feel free to contact me:

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