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  • Anna Rosciszewski

Students’ Thoughts on Subway’s Footlong Cookie

Before you wonder… no, Subway did not forget to include baking powder in their new cookie recipe. They deliberately let the dough melt in its elongated pan, creating a perfectly rectangular cookie— a far cry from their infamously circular cookies. Moreover, this new cookie is not just any rectangular cookie, but an entire foot-long cookie. The hallmark of Subway, an American fast food/sandwich chain, has always been its footlong sandwiches, which used to cost only five dollars during the company’s peak a decade ago. With the chain’s steady decline in popularity, it has sought innovative ways to draw customers back in.

A recent method has been the introduction of “footlong” versions of food items that span far outside of the sandwich realm. In addition, Subway has also announced a footlong Cinnabon churro and a footlong Auntie Anne’s pretzel, due to the Subway’s recent acquisition of these chains. The cookie is the most expensive of the three, being priced at $5, while the pretzel is $3 and churro costs only a shocking $2. However, despite their relatively cheap price and visual temptation, these extended cookies have been called into question by many, notably on Tik Tok. Numerous sources have reported that they aren’t veritably 12 inches long, but rather a meager 10 inches. Are these footlong cookies worth the hype? I tested this question on some Lycée students.

Here’s what they had to say after trying them:

What was your opinion of Subway’s footlong cookie?

Lucia Laski— “It was mind-boggling. By looks alone, I had no idea what I was in for. That first bite, oh gosh that first bite, how does anything else compare? The ooey-gooeyness made my heart burst and overflow with satisfaction. If I was alone facing the footlong cookie, I think I would have consumed it all in one sitting. Each and every one of the fourteen hundred calories*. If it does not kill me, it will only make me stronger.”

*Subway lists the footlong cookie as having 1440 calories.

Was the footlong cookie worth the hype?

Milla Peake— “Okay, so, I thought that it was actually pretty good. It did have a kind of like cakey consistency, more so than their normal cookies. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t a whole foot long either. So, I don’t know. All in all, yes, it lived up to the hype. I think the excitement factor plays a big role.”

Did you find the footlong cookie to be an entire foot long?

Eva Brebenel— “No it was NOT. It was only 10 inches!”

Would you recommend the footlong cookie to a friend?

Stella Raysee— “Yes, of course. It was so delicious, but not exactly a foot long…”

Did the footlong cookie meet your expectations?

Zofia Rosciszewski— “It was honestly better than I thought it would be. I expected them to taste bad and cheap, but they turned out to be really delicious. I don’t even usually like chocolate chip cookies!”

Did you like the footlong cookie?

Jan Rosciszewski— chewing noise (No comment).

The safe conclusion to draw is that though the footlong cookie is nowhere near the 12 inch mark, it still tastes really good— so good that one could imagine having the whole cookie without company. Some may even venture so far as to say that the cookie is buss. If Subway’s incessant advertising did not manage to convince you to try its extended cookie, take the advice of a couple Lycée students and indulge in this absurd treat. After all, our campus is located on the very same street on which a Subway lies…

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