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  • Tifaine Tordjmann

Lycée's Thanksgiving 2023 Lunch Review

As Thanksgiving day rolls around the corner, the Lycée celebrated this wonderful tradition with a Thanksgiving meal on the last Friday before the break. Right off the bat, what I loved about this meal was that it was free. I personally didn’t know this, but when I found out, it was music to my ears. A free meal at the Lycée Français? How could I say no? Even so, a free meal makes it an experience accessible to all, so you didn’t need to spend money to be a part of a loving and communal experience, which was awesome. Secondly, I loved that supervisors were very stringent about everyone getting their food at the same time. This emphasized a sense of community and equality, making sure that everyone would get the same amount of food, and the same quality, none having an experience (waiting, crushed between two other bodies) far superior than another. Next, the food. I went around asking individuals ranging from freshmen to seniors to really get the best verdict.

The Green Beans, mentioned as “solid” were the most standard yet delicious thing you could get out there. For the meats, the Chicken had an overall great review, described as “super” and “très bon!” The Holiday Ham with Berry Sauce had a pretty poor review, as many of the freshmen I spoke to described it as “very bad...” Nevertheless, others enjoyed the varied meats available and appreciated the ham for its efforts. 

For the meats, the famous Turkey had quite strong reviews. Students described it as “really good,” “très bon,” “MOIST” (very enthusiastic), and a student even made a joke saying “la dinde est dingue” to describe how amazing the turkey was. Next up, the Stuffing had a combination of good and bad reviews, which is explainable because stuffing in general is a very controversial Thanksgiving meal; some people will always love it, some people will always hate it. Junior Arthur Janneau considered it to be “good,” so we’ll trust that review for the most part. The Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows was not a fan favorite; many described it as “too sugary”; understandably not appealing to many European tongues. On the other hand, the Mashed Potatoes were certainly a fan favorite. They were described as “cloudy,” “fluffy,” and “super good!” These mashed potatoes were literally a chef's kiss.

Lastly, to finish the meal, the Pumpkin Pie had overall great reviews. The pie was described as “so buss,” and “just like my ancestors would’ve loved it,” and it made students “feel warm and cozy inside.” The only person I encountered that strongly disliked it was Mr. Parreira, who said; “Pumpkin pie, what?! Where is the apple pie?!” so perhaps he and a few others would have preferred an apple pie. I suppose I could agree, but that only means there is room for improvement for next year!

In conclusion, apart from a few hiccups, the Thanksgiving meal was a smashing success. People enjoyed how varied it was, as well as the various options available for vegetarians. A round of applause for the chefs for making this all happen; they are certainly something to be thankful for this coming holiday season!

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