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  • Gwyneth Atkinson

A Warm Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Fall Leaves,

Cool breeze.

Smoke from the chimney.

Cold air,

Red hair,

Luke-warm coffee left in red and orange drinkware.

Green eyes,

Pecan pies,

Clouds overhead; no sun in the sky.

Fire bright,

Dawn’s light,

Laughing in the yard, a fake sword-fight.

Wool mittens,

Orange kittens,

Dusty and solemn church sermons.

Bitter roots,

Black boots,

Leaves crunch underfoot.

Author’s Note: Sadly, in L.A., the seasons do not change! Hopefully I can bring to you the

Thanksgiving spirit, even if it’s only a poem and not the true experience. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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