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Halloween Limericks from Class 12th-1

"Midnight Snack" by Amanda Newman & Jade Gauriat

On Halloween night, where they all meet

In a Haunted House, on the empty street

The ghouls, trolls, werewolves stroll

God have mercy on their souls

Those poor children doing Trick-or-Treat

"Murderous Jack and Jill" by Amanda Newman & Jade Gauriat

Jack and Jill climbed a hill to get a kill

They were terminally ill

Preying on their fat brother

That poor, tasty bother

If only he had used the treadmill

"Witch Eats Cat" by Amy Enayati

I see that old witch is near,

She picks up a cat that sneers,

The cat looks up,

It seems terror has struck,

The cat has gone, and sings its hollow song.

"My Spooky Pookie" by Milann Murray & Oona Koslu

Last night was kind of spooky,

I became kind of cooky,

My stomach turned green.

She looked like a queen.

I told her: "Please be my pookie."

"Dummer Kleiner Christoph" by Amy Enayati

Little Kristoff did not eat his beans,

So the boy-eater came and ate him in his sleep.

Little Christoph should have eaten his beans.

Dummer kleiner Kristoff...

"All Hallow's Eve"

In a dark, haunted house on a hill,

Lived a witch with a loud cackle and thrill

She brewed potions so vile,

Under the moon’s bright smile

On this spooky night, beware her skills.

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