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Halloween Haikus from Poetry Club

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

"A Whisper"

Imagine a night:

A whisper through the abyss,

Shivers down the spine.


A ghost flys on by,

A witch cackles in the night,

At dusk, demons dance.

"La Citrouille"

Elle observe la rue,

Mutilée, laissée de côté,

Flamme brûlant sa chair.

"Black Cat"

The gaze of a cat

Somber, bearing misfortune;

Might she cross my path?

"Disfigured Pumpkin"

Disfigured pumpkin,

Your flesh carved into a smile

For my enjoyment.

"Not Alone"

Last night, I escaped,

Ran from it and locked the door,

Why do I hear breath?

"Behind Her"

She must leave footprints,

Rustle in the underbrush,

Eyes gleam in the night.

"Eye in the Moon"

Moonlit cat's eye glows,

Wind's gentle touch on its fur,

Night's secret whispers.

"Le Vampire"

Un cadavre brillant,

Son coffre entrouvert, pour voir:

Yeux pâles qui captivent.

"Sick Snakes"

Silver snakes through socks

Serpents slither by my locks

Sight seems so silent.

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