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Elegies from The Poetry Club

“Westside Pavilion”

O, Westside Pavilion!

Pray; tell me why you have been destroyed

rebuilt in a new claimed glory 

For the new Century City mall glows far down the road with many a story,

No one has sought to claim your new building,

I recall your playground of giant glistening fruit,

Your Tokyo store with stationary I deemed cute,

O, Westside Pavilion!

I miss you so;

In another universe I have never let you go.


You whispered through my skin 

I fill the hole you once occupied with my empty presence

You are safe now, embraced by the clouds.


I had not known that past love

Cancerous as it lingers through a lonely world,

So still in a concert hall,

Could flow a song, reminiscent of orchids

Divinely entangled through smooth hair.


Silenced I have been 

Phrases so meticulously crafted 

What I have spilled unto paper 

My heart, my soul, my psyche

My ethos and logos and pathos 

Taken away by the blade of authority

I lament the loss of long gone art

To express my very wishes 

To speak and write freely 

A right that has been denied me 

And so I drown in wasted ink

“Hector the rock”

Lost in space and time,

Fell away with lovely intentions

Hector’s now lost and lonely

Without Kel by his side:

Dug up in some sand

Without his companion

So many adventures, together they went

From the vast forest to inside the whale 

they could ventured on many more

If only it weren’t for that long ladder.

In the search for their lost friend

Much sooner they could have found him

If only they had Hector’s aid

Maybe now he has a family.

Maybe one day, a son.

Hector junior would be his name

And he would take up his father’s job

Of being Kel’s companion.

Would it be too late?


Months spent gasping for contact,

I imagined your winded embrace,

Hollow moments to distract,

Parts of me fell from grace.

I still mourn the past, flinty and fleeting,

Reflecting; on surges the glum feeling,

Illusion myself to expect chance meeting,

Always, an azure tide sends me reeling.

“Things past”

I mourn the loss of all things past as winter holds its icy grasp

Perhaps in the spring when new memories bloom

I will forget past cycles of the moon

Future years to come, please bring peace

So that my troubles will cease.


Days we dwelled on silly caprices

Fragmented in our minds, in pieces,

Long to bask in the sun, tired and sickly,

An untarnished existence, over so quickly.

O’ time, you cruel and immortal traveler!

The ghostly streaks we left on the calendar

Remind us that you’re already gone

Yet, your dreaded return rises the dawn.

Besought to stay still in the pale moonlight,

Your warped body rippled as we wandered the endless night.


The initial equilibrium 

Sorrowfully determines the direction

Before all potential calculation,

And the temperature increase

Always causes a leftward shift

Igniting a chemical reaction

In my heart,

The deep regret I feel.

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